May 11, 2010

Phink-spiration: Sewing Illustration

What is the tried and tested technique of comedians? Tell a joke and then refer back to it again later in your show? I get it, Martha! Show an image, then refer back to it later in the magazine… but give it a beautiful, creative spin. Love it.

Ink saw the photo of Absinthe Saucers in the June 2010 issue of Martha Stewart, but but as you continue to peruse the magazine, approximately 100 pages later, we see the same concept with a new twist!

With a little search of the web, we located the artist, Miyuki Sakai.

Sewing Illustration by Miyuki Sakai

Take a look at the site, the work is quite impressive. In the age of Etsy and a return to the handmade, we bet you will see this Sewing Illustration technique again soon.

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