May 26, 2010

Phink’s Photographer of the Week

Ink’s Photographer of the week is the talented and generous Paul Byun.  Paul first introduced himself to us as a “comment” on Phink and with a little digging we recognized his work form the non-profit group Greensboro Production Photography.  Be sure and check out Paul’s web site, its full of some very creative images.  Here, in Paul’s words, is a description of the following image.  Enjoy!

“This shot was taken in May, 2009 on Lee St. in Greensboro. I set my camera stationary and took 17 different shots to create one photograph that is perfectly lit. The advantage of applying this technique is that I literally become an invisible human light stand. If you observe the photograph closely, the shadows in the photograph absolutely make no sense due to the fact that every part of the photograph was lit from a different angle. Many people say “Oh, that’s just HDR.” but I completely disagree. Every shot was taken at the same exposure and I didn’t create the photograph by clicking a single button. Each photograph taken carried a specific purpose and I carefully puzzled them together to “harmonize” the different lighting.”

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